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Aidan Doyle is a Clarion South 2009 survivor. Quotes for which he will be remembered are: “Bears are my unicorns”, “The zombies didn’t work for me from a programming perspective”, and “Needs more monkeys”. He is a traveller, writer, computer programmer and is publishing new stories at a rate of knots and working on a novel. I suspect an army of super monkey slaves. 

His work has been published in Fantasy Magazine, Weird Tales, Strange Horizons, Borderlands, Aurealis … and more!

1. If I wasn’t a writer, I would be …
In my high school careers class we had to compile a list of five jobs we thought might be interesting. I chose: computer games programmer, writer, actor, board games designer and security guard. I worked for a few years as a computer games programmer before moving into web site programming.  I don’t know why I listed security guard –
perhaps I was envisioning a life of foiling supervillains rather than patrolling cold warehouses.

I’ve visited several countries where for the purposes of filling in immigration forms, I am most definitely not a writer.  In those cases I list my occupation as pixel-pushing monkey wrangler.

2. Does every story really need 32% more monkeys?
Scholars have long debated the percentage of monkeys needed to provide a rich and satisfying tale.  Personally I think that adding 20% more monkeys after the first draft is the secret to crafting a literary masterpiece.  This excludes cases where you have zero monkeys in the first draft (20% of zero is still zero).  But if you were serious about writing, why would you have a zero monkey draft in the first place?

3. You get to be invisible for one day – where do you go, what do you do?
When I lived in Japan, I visited a ninja master who was training an army of monkey assassins in the art of stealth.  But the monkeys ended up just using their power of invisibility to play pranks on each other.  I suspect I would behave in a similar way to the monkeys.

4. My Snoopy Dance sale was …
When I was 17, I sold an article to my favorite magazine at the time – Dragon, the American role-playing magazine.  That was my first sale.

5. Donuts or danishes?
Donuts.  Is there anything they can’t do?

His revolution is here, but will not be anthologised … merely blogged.


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Head over to Fantasy Magazine for Aidan Doyle’s new, poignant tale Stone Flowers.

Even though he was a god, Daisuke always removed his shoes before he went inside. It was the polite thing to do.

He knocked on the sliding screen door.

“Come in,” a woman’s voice called.

Daisuke slid open the door and stepped into the front chamber. He stared in surprise at the woman sitting on the tatami mat floor. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been able to see Yoshiko so clearly. She wore a yellow kimono decorated with white flowers. Her bright eyes and sunrise smile shared her face with an abundance of wrinkles.

“Please sit down,” she said.

He knelt in front of the low, wooden table in the center of the room. He couldn’t take his gaze from Yoshiko. She looked almost solid. His own skin was translucent.

Yoshiko poured two cups of tea and handed one to Daisuke. “The cherry blossoms will be here soon,” she said. “I don’t think the flowers would be as beautiful if they lasted all year. A week or two and they are gone.”

He couldn’t detect any sadness in her voice, but he knew the significance of her flesh becoming solid had not escaped her.

Ze rest lives here.

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I’m not a morning person – anything before 9.30am is stricly infra dig, sweetie (although work does like me to turn up at a reasonable hour), but this is a nice way to start the day.

One of the first reviews of Worlds Next Door over at Last Short Story (and via Aidan Doyle, he of Inksucker fame), with some kind words about Genevieve and the Dragon:

Dirt Flinthart’s “The Best Dog In The World.” which made me tear up! I almost cried. A gorgeous story about the lengths a dog will go to, to get back to his master. Gorgeous idea, lovely writing. Great pacing too.

RJ Astruc’s “Enid and the Prince” and “Geneveive and the Dragon,” by Angela Slatter seem like sister-stories, and I loved both of them. Loved the heroines, loved the settings, and great ideas examining what fairy tales meanings can mean.

My favourite above all was ‘Inksucker” by Aidan Doyle. I loved this one so much I wanted to hug it. Some sentences were gorgeous gems, a delight to read and really good to see someone playing with language, and showing how much fun writing, and stories, can be. I would love to read more short stories in this world! 

Over all, this anthology was a good, light hearted read. I zipped through it, and enjoyed every story for different reasons. It’s also got a rather fantastic cover! 


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blue parrot feathers

Oh, c’mon, it’s been a long day.

Fantasy Magazine is running its annual Best Fantasy Story of 2009 Poll and Contest – you can go and vote for your faves. Keep an eye out for Lisa Hannett’s awesome The Good Window, Aliette de Bodard’s lovely Golden Lilies, and Aidan Doyle’s creepily numerate Reading By Numbers.


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Must. Mention. This. Story.

Reading by Numbers by my fellow Clarionite, Aidan Doyle, is over at Fantasy Magazine.

This story has a higher IQ than I do.


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