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Watched a wannabe author explode hissef today, yea I did.

He emailed a mouthful of abuse to several members of staff of an independent bookstore, and cc’d it to a whole bunch of other folk. Carrying on coz they wouldn’t stock his self-published tome.

What have I said before about being professional? About respecting the business decisions of others? About not burning bridges? Maintaining relationships? Having a brain?

T’was like watching a slow motion car crash … in the knowledge that this person has been warned before … in the words of Milhaus Van Houten “I fear to watch, yet I cannot turn away” … it was almost balletic, almost Eureka Stockade-ish in its defiance, railing at the World of Books in a Scarlett O’Hara fashion (“Damned Yankees and carpetbaggers!”) … but ultimately, phenomenally stoopit.


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… to have a crush on Steve Almond

The Payoff Will Be in Good Karma
An email exchange in which a super special literary agent reveals the depth of his integrity

http://www.thecoachellareview.com/fiction/thepayoffwillbeingoodkarma_stevealmond.html (Thanks to Pete for this).

Some of the others are: My Life in Heavy Metal, The Evil BB Chow, and CandyFreak.

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While the rest of today is being difficult (‘Gravity nothing, this planet sucks!’), some good writing things are happening.

I just got the proof from the lovely Tehani at FableCroft Publishing for my contribution to the Worlds Next Door anthology, Genevieve and the Dragon. And yes, I have taken myself off to a corner of the office to snoopy dance and make *squeeeeee* noises in an undignified fashion.

Of interest and related: the awesome Kahtleen Jennings posted some of her ‘throw-away’ illustrations over on her webpage … the last two were possibles for Genevieve  … ZOMG, if this is the stuff she throws away … http://tanaudel.wordpress.com/2010/03/26/thumbnails-and-roughs-for-worlds-next-door/

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#1: if you’ve got a headache, no amount of positive thinking will make it go away.

#2: staring at a screen will most likely make said headache worse.

#3: ideas that may occur to you when you’re caught between a drugged sleep and a blinding headache will either be (a) crap or (b) really good, but completely beyond recall.

#4: you are grateful that the handset of the landline has died completely.

#5: when the headache goes away and you wake up to find the neighbour’s cat sitting on your chest, staring at you as if you should be feeding it, then it’s time to go to write-club and get some words out. And feed the cat.

funny pictures of cats with captions

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funny pictures of cats with captions

On the upside, just receieved the Afterword for Sourdough & Other Stories from Jeff VanderMeer, which is bookending the Introduction by Robert Shearman. Feeling very humble and grateful.

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TPP pinkFrom Alisa K over at TPP:

Twelfth Planet Press is announcing a reading period for our 2011 Anthology: Speakeasy. All the details are over at [info]twelfthplanet here.

Speakeasy is a roaring, lively and exciting new original anthology, edited by Alisa Krasnostein and published by Twelfth Planet Press. It will blend art deco with urban fantasy, the Charleston with the vampire and the flapper with the noir detective. It will be fast paced, action packed and well dressed. Stories in the vein of Dorothy Parker’s “Flappers: A Hate Song” will also be considered.

For a number of reasons, I’m moving towards a publishing schedule where I am working a year ahead of book releases.

Please feel welcome to spread the submission call far and wide.

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