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Aidan Doyle is a Clarion South 2009 survivor. Quotes for which he will be remembered are: “Bears are my unicorns”, “The zombies didn’t work for me from a programming perspective”, and “Needs more monkeys”. He is a traveller, writer, computer programmer and is publishing new stories at a rate of knots and working on a novel. I suspect an army of super monkey slaves. 

His work has been published in Fantasy Magazine, Weird Tales, Strange Horizons, Borderlands, Aurealis … and more!

1. If I wasn’t a writer, I would be …
In my high school careers class we had to compile a list of five jobs we thought might be interesting. I chose: computer games programmer, writer, actor, board games designer and security guard. I worked for a few years as a computer games programmer before moving into web site programming.  I don’t know why I listed security guard –
perhaps I was envisioning a life of foiling supervillains rather than patrolling cold warehouses.

I’ve visited several countries where for the purposes of filling in immigration forms, I am most definitely not a writer.  In those cases I list my occupation as pixel-pushing monkey wrangler.

2. Does every story really need 32% more monkeys?
Scholars have long debated the percentage of monkeys needed to provide a rich and satisfying tale.  Personally I think that adding 20% more monkeys after the first draft is the secret to crafting a literary masterpiece.  This excludes cases where you have zero monkeys in the first draft (20% of zero is still zero).  But if you were serious about writing, why would you have a zero monkey draft in the first place?

3. You get to be invisible for one day – where do you go, what do you do?
When I lived in Japan, I visited a ninja master who was training an army of monkey assassins in the art of stealth.  But the monkeys ended up just using their power of invisibility to play pranks on each other.  I suspect I would behave in a similar way to the monkeys.

4. My Snoopy Dance sale was …
When I was 17, I sold an article to my favorite magazine at the time – Dragon, the American role-playing magazine.  That was my first sale.

5. Donuts or danishes?
Donuts.  Is there anything they can’t do?

His revolution is here, but will not be anthologised … merely blogged.


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Felicity Dowker won a Ditmar Award and a Chronos Award. She’s a member of the AHWA, has been a finalist for the Aurealis Awards, had an honorable mention from Ellen Datlow and from Writers of the Future. Bread and Circuses in Scary Kisses is one of the scariest love stories you’re likely to read. The House on Juniper Road is set to appear in FableCroft’s Worlds Next Door, and she also has stories coming out in ASIM and Aurealis Magazine. She has a long and impressive publication list and she also writes reviews for The Specusphere. She is one of those rare and talented writers of horror who can creep you out while still making you admire the graceful construction of her prose. AND! She has a collection of short stories out with Ticonderoga Publications in 2012.

1. You get to be a fictional character for a day, with no consequences attached – who do you choose and what do you do?
I can’t decide whether I’d be Rorschach and clean the world or be Doc Manhattan and end the world. (Yes, it’s a scary place inside my head.)

2. The story I am most embarrassed by is…
All of them. They all expose me, particularly since I’m only just learning my craft…and always will be.

3. What was your first big sale and how did you celebrate?
I’m not sure I’ve really had a big sale yet. Actually, I don’t even know what would constitute a big sale. It’s subjective, I guess. For instance, Random House haven’t beaten my door down and demanded I hand over my unpublished novel manuscript, but I sold a story to Aurealis a while back, which was pretty cool. And I’m starting to get solicited for invitation-only projects by some great editors and publishers, which is very pleasant. How do I celebrate? Hmmn. I brag to my inner circle of writer-type-folk (because they will a) tolerate it and b) tell me to STFU when they’re done tolerating it), I smile, I feel chuffed, and sometimes I eat chocolate. (God, I’m quite boring, aren’t I?)

4. What do you always delete when you finish a story? Or wish you’d deleted?
All the embarrassing entry-level rubbish. People snarling and grating and scoffing instead of just saying. Weak adverbs. Unnecessary wordage that distances the characters from the reader and the reader from the story. Flowery self-indulgent over-writing. Er…most of the story.

5. Donuts or danishes?
Donuts. They’re soft and cuddly and sweet. Danishes are thin and brittle and have that weird gelatinous sticky glaze. Ugh.

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