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See full size imageI’d forgotten about this. One of my first short stories appeared on Pseudopod last year and it remains one of my faves. The audio of The Little Match Girl lives here http://pseudopod.org/2008/03/13/flash-the-little-match-girl/ and is not suitable for small children (then again, nor is the original, let’s face it, people – it certainly traumatised me). This story originally appeared in the lovely Shimmer, Vol. 1, Issue 3.

(Illustration above by the wonderful Arthur Rackham.)


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Has anyone turned any of their short stories into comics/graphic novel-ish substances? Am curious about the process and how people have found it …

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A very  nice review of New Ceres Nights from Alexandra Pierce lives here at ASif http://www.asif.dreamhosters.com/doku.php?id=new_ceres_nights

It includes these kind words about my story “The Piece of Ice in Miss Windermere’s Heart”:

Finally, the anthology is wrapped by Angela Slatter, in “The Piece of Ice in Miss Windermere’s Heart.” It wraps up the whole anthology in a rather delicious way that can’t be explained without ruining the story completely; suffice it to say that the story involves theft, murder, surprises, and a not entirely satisfactory conclusion – the sort of conclusion that definitely leaves the reader wanting more. It brings in some of the more interesting New Ceres-specific issues, and – as with all of the stories in this anthology – deals with them in a consistent, logical, and entertaining manner.

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This is cool … it’s awesome … in fact, it’s a gravy boat of awesome sauce. Photographer Kyle Cassidy’s series of photos of writers in their work spaces lives here http://www.whereiwrite.org/ and it’s fab. C’mon, haven’t you ever wondered? 

And count the cats …

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The Steel Remains (GollanczF.)

I was lucky enough to go along and see Richard Morgan at his QWC-FQ gig in Brisneyland last night. He was funny, erudite and unpretentious. He talked about his writing, his inspiration, his journey to becoming a fulltime writer, and his complete lack of planning when he writes (a comfort for the rest of us to know that successful writers also fly by the seat of their pants). He was generous with his time, answering all questions, signing books for everyone who asked and chatting to everyone who came along.

I was also lucky enough to score a pass to go along to dinner with Richard, his lovely, clever wife Virginia, Kate Eltham and Rob Hoge of FQ, the fabulous Ron and Ian of Pulp Fiction Books, and the lovely man who footed the bill, the very charming and intelligent Brendan Fredericks (publicist with Orion-Hachette).

How authors behave is one of my favourite topics. I’ve seen so many authors behaving badly, acting as if a book deal has somehow rendered them godly, as if they no longer need to be polite and generous to their readers. The longer I’m around the profession, the more convinced I am that there should be a compulsory class for writers called Author Behaviour 101. It would cover broad topics such as ‘Don’t be an asshole to the people who buy your books’, ‘If your first book tanks, you better have been nice to the people you met on the way up coz you’ll be seeing them again on the way down’, ‘Be nice to the bookseller’, and ‘Don’t piss off the publisher/publicist/sales team/your agent’.

Not everyone can be charming and funny. But everyone can make an effort not to be unpleasant and ungrateful. If you don’t like doing readings or answering questions, then suck it up. It’s part of the business and it’s part of how we have to promote ourselves. Not everyone gets to be Thomas Pychon. Hell, Thomas Pynchon doesn’t even get to be Thomas Pynchon anymore. Being seen by readers, talking to them and interacting with them is essential. Failure to do so will affect your career adversely.

My point? I don’t know – I got lost too. Oh yes! Author Behaviour 101 – Richard Morgan goes to the top of the class. He should be the model all wannabe authors take as their template. He ticked all the boxes for top marks in Author Behaviour 101 – gold star!

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They ran on all fours, pausing only to sniff the air and howl.

Sometimes they were men, sometimes wolves, always grey though, always hungry. The moon lit their way as they slipped like shadows along the streets. Sometimes they got distracted by trash cans ripe with enticing rot, but the other pulled them on, so they didn’t stop for long. Nipper, Gnasher, Grinder and Bob.

They had her scent, warm on the cool night air.


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It’s good – very good. I beta read it back in the days when I had time for that sort of indulgence. Go here http://twelfthplanet.livejournal.com/ and pre-purchase with impunity.

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