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Opposite_coverCharlaine Harris (she of True Blood, etc – do I really need to write more?) has totally blogged Narelle M Harris’s The Opposite of Life in a very positive light:

An Australian publisher handed THE OPPOSITE OF LIFE to me at Bouchercon, and I began it with great interest. It’s certainly a most unusual vampire novel. Lissa Wilson, librarian, geek, and young woman about town, has a horrendous evening in a club when she opens a restroom door to find two dead girls. But that’s just the beginning of Lissa’s trials and tribulations. She seems to be the magnet for trouble. Even her attraction to a new man, Daniel, comes to an abrupt end when Daniel vanishes. Along the road of discovery about the underworld of her city, Lissa learns a lot about the people around her, and even more about herself. She’s a wonderful character; not because she’s an heroic supergirl, but because she rings true. If you can get this book, do. It’s really a refreshing take on a common theme. (http://www.charlaineharris.com/bb/bb_current.html)

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The Opposite of Life was one of the first books out of lovely Brisbane independent Pulp Fiction Press, so this is a fantastic result. I know precisely how much work goes into their books – Ron and Diane produce books to be proud of and are wonderful editors and crafters of the fiction they take on – and I don’t just say this coz I’m one of their ‘flensers’. Writers are very, very lucky to get taken on by a small press with such high values and with editors who damn well know their stuff – especially considering how many of the bigger publishers seem to be regarding the editing and proofreading phases of their job as “optional”. Oooops, did I slip into a rant? Well, it happens.



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dexterToday was one of the days when the universe was nice to me (I may have been extra good over the weekend, although I can’t quite think when), and I got to sit down to lunch* with Jeff Lindsay (Dexter’s dad). Also along for the ducktacular entrée, sticky pork belly, and vanilla crème brulee were the superb Brendan Fredericks (publicist extraordinaire with Orion), the lovely John of Hachette Australia, and the too-wonderful-for-words Ron  of Pulp Fiction Press http://www.pulpfictionpress.com.au/.

Jeff’s been working his ass off at the Brisbane Writers Festival and making a lot of readers very happy with highly amusing, thought-provoking panels and lovely penmanship when signing books (hundreds and hundreds of books). He also graduated summa cum laude from Author 101. You can tell Jeff’s background is in writing for the theatre because his prose is elegantly tight and the dialogue is pitch perfect – the man gives good dialogue. He’s also extremely funny, a seasoned raconteur, teller of dirty jokes and an intelligent conversationalist and very charming indeed.

If you’ve not gotten into the dark delights of Dexter, then off you go … find them, buy them, read them (http://www.randomhouse.com/doubleday/dexter/). I’ll wait. Put the kettle on, shall I?

* Admittedly, I also had dinner with him and some other writerly-type escapees from Brisbane Writers Festival on Thursday night, post-cocktail party.

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