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Yes! The NatCon is happening.

Which is good because there was a very real danger of me spending 5 days with La Belle Hannett, Sean Williams, Dirk Flinthart, Jason Fischer and Peter Ball doing the following:

1. eating pie floaters (terrifying);

2. eating Balfour’s frog cakes (not terrifying) http://www.balfours.com.au/html/frog_cake.html;

3. touring wineries (contains great potential for terrifying);

4. having curry cook-offs in Sean Williams’ kitchen (really, really terrifying for Sean, but shhhh, he doesn’t know about that yet).

Luckily, the universe is back in balance and NatCon will be there to keep all of us amused, entertained and out of Sean’s kitchen. Huzzah!

Go here for details: http://conjecture2009.org/about/  


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